The "BE DO HAVE" of Sales

If you read and study success literature, you have likely heard the personal growth philosophy of BE DO HAVE. I like to present it as a formula:


What you HAVE in life is a result of what you DO. And who you are BEing drives what you DO. Simple. Profound. If you don’t HAVE the results you want to HAVE, and you want to HAVE something different, you must change what you are DOing and who you are BEing. Sales is an interesting profession and science. I love to teach, coach, and do sales. The Be Do Have lesson really simplifies sales success.

If you are a salesperson (and you are one whether or not you admit it) and you are not getting the results that you desire, you must change your activity (DO) and how you are doing it (BE). Frankly, most salespeople are doing very little activity that will lead to a sale. A sale always occurs in conversation with a person that has an interest in buying your product and service. My first question when helping someone increase sales is, “How many minutes a day are you in a conversation with someone who is interested in buying?” It typically is amazingly low. This is great news, because just by increasing that alone will increase your sales.

If you are in conversations with people interested in your product and service, then the other aspect of sales success is who you are being in those conversations. Are you connecting with the person? Do you understand them? Are you deeply listening and focusing on who they are, what they want, and why they want it? If someone trusts you, they will tell you what they want, and even why they would buy it from you!!! It happens when you are present, engaged, asking great questions, listening, and caring deeply. When they recognize that you care and want to help them solve their problem, the sale will happen.

If you are being a great listener, great questioner, curious, passionate, caring, and intentional, and if you also are having many conversations with people who are interested in your product and service, you will have lots of sales. BE x DO = HAVE.

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