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First Impressions

First impressions. It is a topic worth considering if you want to attract and retain great customers.

How do you and your team currently answer phone calls? Are they kind, upbeat, friendly, and professional? Or are they rushed, hurried, frazzled, or maybe so delayed that people get lost in the land of hold? How quickly do you respond to initial inquiries? How clean and inviting is your parking lot and reception area? Does the appearance of your business draw people in and make them feel glad that they came, or do they wish they stayed at home?

The feeling that is generated from that first call, e-mail reply, visit to your website, or drive into your parking lot is a moment of truth that will either plant seeds of future sales or hinder the attraction of a new customer.

How do people feel when they contact your business? Buying decisions are driven 80% by emotion and 20% by logic. The feelings that occur in those first few moments have lots to do with customer retention. Comfortable, secure, relaxed people buy more and stick around.

This simple message points to a straightforward plan to significantly improve your organization. First, make a list of the critical moments in your customer's experience, including that moment of first impression. Then make a second list of specific actions and changes you can take to improve their experience at those critical moments. A simple, powerful plan. The question is, wiIl you do it?

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    Celebrating Progress
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    Online Zoom Event
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