Five Key Moments of the Customer Experience

What experience are you creating for your customers? Is it average, boring, and mediocre? Or is it astounding, amazing, and extraordinary? Excellence, by definition, is a cut above the average.

Where would your business be today if every one of your customers referred others to you? What if all your customers were committed to your business for a lifetime?

There are five key moments when you win or lose customer loyalty. I challenge you to meet with your team, and ask these questions:

  1. Is the FIRST IMPRESSION of our business delightful, inspiring, and attractive? What can we do to create an amazing first impression?

  2. Are we LISTENING to our customers in a way that they feel special, comfortable, and cared for? What better questions can we ask that will show that we care deeply about meeting our customer’s wants and needs?

  3. Are we DELIVERING our product and service in a timely manner, exceeding our customer’s expectations, and consistently satisfying their needs? How can we make it simple and easy to buy from us?

  4. Are we FOLLOWING UP after the sale? How can we specifically express gratitude and let our customer know that we want their loyalty? How do we make them feel that they belong?

  5. Are we ASTONISHING our customers? What crazy touches can we add that will surprise them and take their breath away?

This is the most important question. When will you meet with your team and create a plan of action to create an extraordinary customer experience?

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