Work with Dave


Dave Beam provides business training in several areas including leadership mindset, strategic planning, and managerial skills such as employee recruitment, coaching, evaluation, accountability, time management, problem solving and communication. 


Dave tailors the content and logistics of the program to your budget and management schedule.                  




Dave Beam provides one-to-one mentoring in leadership, public speaking, relationships, personal organization, goal setting, developing vision and mission, and personal/work balance. 


Dave Beam provides keynote and event speaking on a variety of life and business topics.  Call or e-mail to discuss your event and receive a quote.

Free Weekly Article

Dave Beam writes a weekly article on business and life topics.  To receive this article free via e-mail every Monday morning, click here to fill out the Weekly Email Subscription Form.

Non-Profit Organizations

Dave Beam provides mentoring and training for non-profit organizations at a negotiated rate.  Please e-mail Dave or call/text 740-464-0825 for more information.


Topics of Expertise:

  • Creating and Engaging Organizational Core Values

  • Improving Communication

  • Establishing Effective Meetings

  • Accountability

  • Employee Evaluations

  • Kind Confrontation

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Time Management and Personal Organization

  • Improving Employee Engagement

  • Customer Service

  • Addressing Relationship Issues

  • Building managerial confidence

  • Improving Listening Skills and Messaging

  • Trust Building

  • Improving Work/Life Harmony

  • Team Recruitment and Retention