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I have worked with Dave individually and with my team a number of times over the past decade. He asks outstanding questions and listens to the answers. He also has a passion for helping others and that is clear to anyone who works with him. If you are seeking help with improving your thinking, leadership skills and/or your team, you need to work with Dave Beam.

Steve Golder, Attorney

Jenkins Fenstermaker


Dave helped us begin looking towards the future and planning for those successes.  He helped us develop a system of addressing issues in an organized manner.  That came in handy in the year that just passed, as we were able to remain on solid footing in spite of a number of unexpected retirements from employees with over 30 years’ experience. 

Mark D. Strother, President/CEO

The Commercial Bank of Grayson


Dave has helped me implement a culture change, develop my management team’s confidence and skills, lay the foundation of our new infrastructure, and develop buy-in for change from all staff.  Not only are we working smarter as a team and communicating much better, we are also growing as individuals. Working with Dave has been an absolute blessing to me and our organization!

Tamela Moore Morton, Director

Scioto County Job & Family Services


Programs led by Dave are interactive and provide opportunities for participants to apply concepts for Leadership development. There are times to move, reflect. & learn. His kindness for others is apparent by his style of challenging our beliefs in a way that is positive and thoughtful.


Jennifer Sparks

Kings Daughters Medical Center


I’m so thankful to Dave for working with me over the years.  I’ve gained knowledge in areas of my business that I didn’t know existed.  I was skeptical at first but going through the process has made me a much better businessman.  It has made me more profitable and I have a very good “report card” on the health of my business and a plan for our future, not to mention that he has made me a better person.

Tim Wagner, Business Owner

Wagner Rental and Supply Inc.


Dave's clients can expect challenging but ultimately very fruitful working sessions designed to get to the real root of issues facing the company. The process can be intense, but the process is also quite empowering. In taking challenges head-on, Dave pushes his clients to learn and grow as leaders. He passes on new skills that far outlive his contract. Dave truly cares about his clients and he goes the extra mile to ensure they have a valuable experience. I highly recommend Dave to anybody who is ready to overcome whatever might be holding them back and take their work to the next level.

Brandon Dennison, CEO

Coalfield Development Corporation


We have worked with Dave for more than fifteen years on projects ranging from sales strategies to establishing core principles. Business mentoring will help most companies achieve results.  Having Dave Beam help us has not only yielded great results, he has helped our company become better stewards within our industry. 


Matt White, Business Owner


It grabbed my attention when Dave Beam said, “the best teams and the best players always have the best coaches”.  This statement caused me to look at professional development differently.  If we want to get the “best” out of our employees, we must be willing to give them both training and coaching.  After working with Mr. Beam for nearly a year on multiple projects, I’ve found him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and driven by results.  He is motivated by the success of others and works hard to ensure that you receive a return on investment.

I endorse the above message as my own statement and not that of my employer.   This statement is based solely on my experience working with Dave and my opinion of the value that he brings to an organization.

Bruce Felder

Director of Human Resource Services

Marshall University


We are responsible for the long-term sustainability of this organization.  As we grow in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate the message of our culture, history and core values.  That’s the reason for the investment in this program; the sustainability of the organization.  It’s a penny spent, and we are going to get multiple returns.  There’s no question in our minds.

It’s a wow factor; To see people grow and be nurtured by Dave and the team. It’s the ultimate joy of a leader, to see that growth in others.  There’s no question in my mind that this is a great, great program.

John Spoor. President/COO

State Electric


I have personally seen the growth in our employees through this program.  They are better people because they have not only taken these lessons to heart but more importantly have grown outside their former selves.  I get really wound up about this program because I believe in it.

Down the road, it’s going to make us a good to great company.  We are a family company, so it’s not all about business, it’s about the whole person and family unit.  We talk about the three musketeers, all for one and one for all.  Somebody has your back, no matter where you are.  That’s what we’re trying to promote, and that’s what I see coming out of this program.


Clarence Martin, CEO/CFO

State Electric


Dave Beam changed our company.  No longer are we chasing our tails in circles and always seeming out of breath.  Now, our whole team is pointed in one direction and focused on a common goal.  Dave is a very big part of our company and it's impossible to imagine the future without him.


Before Dave came two years ago, Apogee was a group of good scientists with some pretty bad business habits.  Now, we are a highly successful consulting firm headed towards a shared goal and bright future.  The process takes time and dedication, but if you are sick of spinning your wheels and need that nudge, call Dave.  He has been vital for us in achieving our own success.

Joel Beverly, President

Apogee Environmental & Archaeological, Inc.


I am pleased to recommend Dave Beam without reservation.  I’ve always been a driven goal setter, but he’s provided a fresh perspective to my approach.  He’s been kind but unrelenting in challenging long-held beliefs about success and leadership.  In identifying real barriers to effective communication with my team, he’s helped bring clarity and understanding to our conversations.  And in our pursuit of what matters, namely uncommon results and a meaningful personal life, he’s exposed and helped to dispel unhelpful myths, superstitions, and excuses.


If you’re looking for a quick and meaningful re-charge to your drive, a change of perspective or wish to talk through your plans for fundamental change with a thoughtful and unbiased ear, you’ve found a great resource.


Jim Donnally, Chief Financial Officer

Glockner Enterprises


Working with Dave periodically over the past 15 years has been incredibly valuable for our company. Dave has challenged and inspired me to be a better leader both at work and in my personal life. His firm, persistent, direct approach is balanced well with his humble and caring spirit.  Through many conversations and resources that Dave has provided, I have had the confidence to implement changes that are improving the culture at Arricks Propane.  I am thankful for the influence and coaching of Dave Beam. 


Josh Greene, Director of Operations

Arricks Propane

A truly transformative experience.  Dave will push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow personally and professionally.  It really made a difference in our office in regards to raising the bar on our performance as well as giving us the tools to better resolve conflict and address office negativity. 

Blake Gillum, Executive Director

Infusion Solutions

Upcoming Events

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    Living Proactively
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    Online Zoom Event
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    Living Principle Centered
    Wed, Jun 26
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    Learning to Say No
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    Online Zoom Event
    Jul 31, 2024, 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
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    Learning to Collaborate
    Wed, Aug 28
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    Aug 28, 2024, 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
    Online Zoom Event
    Aug 28, 2024, 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
    Online Zoom Event
    Come and learn how to collaborate in the workplace
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