Curiosity Is Your Friend

The Webster definition for curious is “eager to know, inquisitive, and strange”.

I find small children quite entertaining. They are intensely curious. As they learn to talk, they ask questions. Why, why, why? They open all the cabinets, make messes, touch and taste everything, and take it all in. As toddlers, we live in the present moment. No past regrets. No future worries. It’s all about the here and now. If you have noticed, if little people are dry, well fed, and rested, they are happy.

Then they grow up. They want to appear to be in the know, even though they know virtually nothing. But when they think they know something, they learn nothing. Have you ever worked with someone who knows everything, and always has the answers? How did that feel?

I am challenging you to drop what you think you know and become intensely curious. Choose to see the world like a toddler. Ask lots of questions. Listen. Be present. Be very curious. Don’t worry about appearing to be ignorant. Drop the ego and set aside your past. Postpone your future and allow the present moment of life to intrigue you and grab your full attention.

If you will choose to set aside status quo thinking and explore new paradigms, you will experience the world and other people in new ways. With curiosity as your new friend, you also just might discover some amazing possibilities as well!

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