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What Do You Really Know?

The other day my wife Connie wanted to know the best way to cut up a butternut squash. After a few minutes on her smart phone, she had full detailed instructions, including options to buy the perfect knife and peeler to accomplish the task. We live in a time in history of unprecedented access to knowledge and information. It certainly is intriguing and fun to have an immediate answer to almost any question.

However, in this information age, we can develop a dangerous belief that we are “in the know.” Most people believe they know a lot, but the truth is they don’t know much at all. Though what you know has brought you this far, but it is not sufficient to take you further. Once a person believes that what they currently know is enough, they begin to shrivel and die.

Here’s a reality check. Think about a subject that you feel you know well, and then ask this question: “ How much do I really know about this subject versus all that could be known about this subject?” It is obvious that you basically know almost nothing.

The prerequisite to learning and changing is admitting that you don’t know. Know-it-alls see no need to learn anything. If you want to grow and change, you must set aside your existing knowledge, opinions and ideas and take an interest in thinking that challenges your current knowledge. It is choosing to drop the fear that imprisons your prejudice and presuppositions so you can open your mind to unfamiliar possibilities.

I am convinced that there is absolute truth, and that through the revelation and grace of God, a person can know essential unchanging truth as revealed in the Holy Scripture. Once you begin to recognize your personal limitations and insignificance, you will be freed to embrace a fresh child-like curiosity that asks questions and diligently seeks to learn and grow. I invite you to start asking questions, become curious, drop your I KNOW, and enjoy the wonder of discovery and personal growth!

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