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An Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever woke up and felt a little blah!  Maybe there are some unresolved aggravations, or even some major ongoing challenges that are just bringing you down.  I have noticed that when I start to give way to these thoughts and feelings, it is a downward spiral.  I start to think about what’s not pleasant, or of good report, and this negative focus produces further down feelings.  Those negative feelings feed my negative thinking, which leads to even more bad feelings.  I’m sure you get the picture and can relate.

I have also found a way to reverse the direction on that spiral, and go up instead of down.  When you find yourself in a funk, take out a piece of paper, and start to list all the people, relationships, circumstances, situations, experiences that produce a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Whenever I do this, I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of joy and thanksgiving.  About the time I get to number seventeen, I am usually in tears, not tears of depression, but of joy.  I have been so blessed, and there is so much good in my life.  My “blah” was a reaction to my negative focus, and a simple shift of focus reverses the feelings.  Once you feel better, the best thing to do is to get into action.  Too much introspection is not good!

My gift to you today is the challenge to break that downward spiral of self focus, and reverse it by investing some time in gratitude. 

God bless you today!

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