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The World of Possibility

It may not be likely, but is it possible? This question deserves consideration.

“Impossible” is simply a limiting belief. How do limiting beliefs affect most people? People don’t try impossible things because they don’t want to fail. Why don’t people want to fail? Because they don’t want to be rejected, and feel bad about themselves, and see themselves as losers. This common thinking is what keeps people from going for it.

Let me propose another way of thinking for your consideration.

What if you redefined failure only as a lack of trying…..period. The only way to fail in this new world is not to participate. Success is attained simply by participating, which includes effort, learning, growth, mistakes and experimentation. The only way to lose in this new world is to quit. If you play the game, you win. In this new place, other people’s evaluation of you is none of your concern. Rejection does not exist. (By the way, it only ever exists as a story in your mind). Therefore, you don’t have to believe in yourself and have confidence before going for it. In this world, everything is interesting and worth trying. Your joy comes from being curious, taking action, trying, observing, experimenting, and getting a result. Mistakes are welcomed as learnings and celebrated as part of the process.

What might happen if you created such a world for your employees? How about for your children, or your students, or your business partner, or your spouse? How about for the next person that serves you at a restaurant? What if you chose to accept them just as they are and celebrated their effort? What might happen?

I invite you to enter this world of possibility. It is a place where the creative eye will discover new and amazing things about yourself and others. You will awaken to a world of learning and growth, a place where the fear of failure is banished. Just try it on for size. You might really like it. Just do it for the fun of it. Choose to go for something impossible. Don’t just sit there with moldy wishes and dying hope, get up and go make some mistakes! In the world of possibility, it’s all about having fun, learning, and enjoying the journey.

Footnote: In such a world, the performance improves because people keep practicing. What a paradox!

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