The Simplified Weekly Plan

Quite often people ask me about what time management system I would recommend. Of course, I will usually share the options that I am familiar with. But if they are willing to go a little deeper with the question, I can usually help them address their so-called time management problem without reading a 300 page book or investing in an expensive new computer program.

The real key to life success is the daily completion of a few well selected priorities. That is it! Please, consider it again. Daily commitment and completion of a few, well selected priorities. Every day, if you choose two or three tasks that will move you toward your life goals and purpose, and if you perform those tasks, you will have a successful and satisfying day. If you do this consistently day after day, you will have a successful and satisfying life.

I know that there is much more for you to do than two or three tasks per day. However, if you focus on the two or three most important tasks, all of the other activities and responsibilities will fill in around your top priorities.

This brings me to a simple tool that can help make this happen. At the beginning of every week, sit down with a calendar for that week (Sunday through Saturday), and choose those two or three priority actions for each day. Then only write down on the calendar what you will absolutely do. These are commitments, not just good intentions. If you will invest the time to choose well, and will commit to those tasks, then the rest of the week’s activities will flow in and around those priorities.

So what are the three most important actions that you choose to do today to move you toward your goals and purpose? Choose them, commit, and do them. It really is that simple, and it really will transform your life!

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