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The Power of Vision

Take this article as an opportunity to reflect on the past and project into the future. Neither the future nor the past exists except between our ears. I do believe that we can really create our future. I also believe that all such creation happens under the control of a sovereign God.

With that said, your future has not yet occurred, except in your mind. The question to consider is this; what do you do in the present that creates your future? You think. It is your thoughts, expressed in words and action, that create your future. You currently have thoughts concerning the path that you are on and where it will lead. Though the outcome is not certain, you expect that It will likely happen based on your choices and behavior. If you continue to have these same thoughts and words, you will likely fulfill that expected future.

This is where it gets exciting and interesting. You can create a different future. First, set aside some time to dream, and give yourself permission to dream big. Then pull some of those fantastic dreams into the realm of possibility. From possibility, you can paint a new picture of your future. It is called vision. Once you have a vision, you can think about it and describe it in vivid detail. You now have a new future.

This is not some kind of mystical mumbo jumbo. It is just the way this life and the universe operate. Asa human being, you have the capacity to dream, ponder, and envision the future. Such thoughts and meditations become the program for your mind and body to produce words and actions that lead to the manifestation of that vision.

I encourage you to dream, consider the possibilities, and then create a new vision for your life and your business. As a coach, I would love to help you dream, capture possibility, and paint your new vision. Such things are more powerful than you suppose, and lots of fun!

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