The Power of Routine

I would like to address a word that used to make me groan – discipline. That word brought about visions of sweat, toil, deprivation, and pain. No pain, no gain, as the saying goes. If you have similar thoughts and feelings when you hear the word, it could explain some of your avoidance and resistance to positive change in your life.

There is a simple way to lower your resistance to positive change by replacing the word “discipline” with a milder, more friendly term, routine. You already practice routine. Think about the simple daily task of putting on your shoes and socks. You put on the right shoe before the left, and the right sock before the left, (or the opposite) every day the same way. You have established routine. We all have dozens of automatic routines. Hopefully you have a routine of fastening your seat belt when driving.

We are creatures of habit. It is the way we are wired, and we can use that human characteristic to our advantage. When you become intentional about creating routines, you can vastly improve your life. I have intentionally created a morning routine that serves me well. It includes a light healthy breakfast, about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 15 minutes of think time, writing down my priorities for the day, prayer and Bible reading. This simple routine has made an amazing difference in the joy and productivity of my coaching and life. In fact, my morning routine is the favorite part of the day! Occasionally I skip all or some of it, but it is my default routine, and when I miss it, I can’t wait to get right back to it.

My challenge for you is to identify one simple routine that you would like to create and practice. It doesn’t need to involve sweat and toil. It can be the addition of a simple new habit like brushing your teeth or putting on socks. What you will discover is that you CAN significantly improve your life, one routine at a time!

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