The Power of One

If you struggle with commitment, follow-through, and completion, this message is for you. If you want sustained change, read and follow the instructions.

Make a written list of all the changes you would like to make. Maybe it’s a dozen, maybe it’s a hundred. What’s important is that you capture all that you want to change.

Thoughtfully review the list and choose the one most meaningful change on that list; the one change that would make the most difference in your life.

Rewrite that one thing on a separate piece of paper and commit to one daily habit that begins that change. Just one change every day. Only one. For the next 30 days, execute one daily action that will move you toward the one change that will make the biggest difference in your life. It is important that you choose and commit to only one daily change of habit, and that everything else on that list is set aside.

It is the power of one. You don’t have to believe this. Just try it. You only have to choose one daily change of habit and do it every day for 30 days.

It’s a simple YES, or NO.

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