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The Balloon

A hot air balloon, unbound and not weighted will go up. Up is its natural state. So what keeps a hot air balloon down? Tethers and sandbags.

Optimal human performance occurs in an up, happy, engaged, flowing state of participation. When a toddler is not hungry, tired, or in discomfort, their state of being is happy and active. Our default unhindered human state is participation and happiness. So what changes this natural state of being?

Sandbags. Sandbags are weights from the past like resentments, regrets, disappointments, and unmet expectations. Tethers. Tethers are ropes from the future like worries, anxieties, fears, and hopelessness.

Consider this message. What keeps you from a happy, full engagement and an optimal state of performance are thoughts of the past and the future. The past and the future only exist in your mind. They are not real. Your memory of the past is selective and changes. It is not accurate. Your thoughts about the future are a guess, not factual and assured.

If you will choose to release your past and future, and be present in the moment, you will ascend into a natural state of participation and happiness. Today, let go of past regret and future worry, and be here. Cut the ropes, drop the sandbags, and ascend into a place of joy, service, and action.

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