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Take Out the Head Trash

Simply stated, head trash is the clutter between your ears that hinders simple clear thinking.

These toxic thoughts are typically about the past or the future, and seldom about the present. You can’t change the past, and don’t even have an accurate recollection of it. You are not in control of the future and can only imagine what it might be. Living in the present is the place to be!

This message is simple and direct. Take out the head trash. In the out-of-tune words of my granddaughter several years ago “Let it Go, Let it Go” (from Disney’s Frozen). This lyric provides an insightful instruction on how to rid yourself of unhelpful and toxic thought. Don’t fight it. Don’t over analyze it. Don’t even try to change it. Just let it go. Drop it in the bin and roll it to the curb.

Anxious thoughts about the future, and regretful, resentful unforgiving thoughts about the past fog your mind and suppress fun, creative thought. For the sake of your happiness, creativity and service, I urge you to take out the trash by letting it go and experience amazing peace, joy and function of a clear mind in the present!

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