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Synergy. It simply means that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

In human terms, it is creative collaboration. Synergize is habit six of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This habit itself is a synergistic outcome from practicing the other six habits.

For synergy to occur, the participants must be open to change and possibility. The solutions and creations that emerge from team synergy are a product of the cooperative participation of diverse individuals. Synergy thrives when we seek first to understand before being understood, are proactive, put first things first, and begin with the end in mind. For synergy to occur, each team member must embrace a win:win mindset.

Glory hogs kill synergy. The bigger organizational mission and why must be the driver for synergy to happen. The leader in the synergistic world is a servant and coach that facilitates the full participation and inclusion of every single team member.

There is risk in seeking synergy. The outcome is not always clear. Synergy is fueled by creativity. Creativity requires setting aside preconceived ideas and familiar systems and experimenting with new combinations. Synergy occurs outside of our comfort zone. It is a new experience for everyone because it includes unique contributions from diverse participants.

As a leader, if you are bored, tired, and have lost that bounce and sizzle and want to get back into the game, here’s what I recommend. First, do a seven-habit inventory on yourself. Take appropriate actions to course correct and get personally back into a good place. Then seek to enroll a community of people who want to attack a significant challenge – and synergize.

You’ll be smiling and having great fun in no time! And who knows what innovative solutions your team might create that will benefit your organization and customers? Go for it!!

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