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Simply stated, optimism is a choice to perceive your circumstances as the best they can be.

Optimism alone does not create success. However, sustained success will not occur without it. Certainly, hard work, disciplined practice, confidence, and skill are necessary for championship performance. However, if you take optimism out of the recipe, you will not persevere to completion.

Optimism without hard work is delusional denial. A positive mental attitude is insufficient to take your team to victory. However, if you work hard, and sweat and toil, but lack optimism, you will likely drop out when it gets tough and fail to finish well. When problems occur, and they always do, optimism will keep you going through the resistance. In fact, an optimist will use problems to improve skills and build perseverance as he pursues his goal.

Healthy optimism is a disciplined choice. You choose to see possibilities as you consider your current situation. As an effective leader, optimism is how you encourage your team as they face their challenges. A great leader and coach will ask powerful questions that will stimulate their team to create solutions and find ways to succeed and not quit.

Optimism. It’s an essential powerful ingredient if you want to achieve world class results.

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