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Moving from Scarcity to Abundance

Most people acknowledge that how they think affects their results. I want you to consider this distinction of thinking: abundant versus scarce. Here are definitions of each:

Abundant – more than what is needed; plenteous; very much

Scarce – hard to get; not enough; constricted; very little

How do you think about your world, as having more than enough, or very little? Please consider that you currently have more than you need. What do you need to survive? Air to breathe, basic shelter, clean water, and food. Anything beyond these essentials is more than you need and by definition, abundant! Therefore, you can choose to look at the world as an abundant place where you have more than enough.

If you embrace abundance, your giving will increase, which will increase your joy. You become a pipeline of abundance to others. Abundant thinking teaches that as you give, you increase your capacity to receive so you can give even more. It is the agricultural law of sowing and reaping in action.

If you reject abundance and hold on to scarcity, you will live in fear of poverty and loss. Scarcity tells you that if you give, you will deplete what you have and will suffer. You will be a taker and tend to stockpile and hoard. You will view life as a competition to get as much as you can for yourself. You will feel an endless need for more, and that you never have enough.

What does this mean practically? If you choose abundance, your focus will be to create and bring value to others. You will seek opportunities to give. You will create ways to pay your employees more, not just enough to survive. Your competitor becomes someone to help, not attack!

Abundant people are attractive. They are joyous, fun, celebrating people full of life and gratitude. Scarce people shrivel and wither away. Abundant people grow and prosper – it is just that fundamental universal law of reciprocity.

Today, you can choose to shift toward abundance and reject scarcity. It begins by being grateful for what you have, and then seeking ways to share it with others. Think abundance (I have more than enough) and then act accordingly. You’ll love it!

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