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Have you made any mistakes lately? If you are a human being, the answer is yes!

Mistakes are an essential component of learning. Toddlers learn to walk by stumbling and falling down. We don’t criticize and chide them for their awkward attempts at walking. In fact, we celebrate those first steps followed by another tumble to the ground. Small children will try about anything because they have not developed a fear of failure and deep desire for approval from others.

Many people are reluctant to try new things out of a fear of mistakes. They create mental expectations of failure, rejection, and embarrassment if they mess up. Consequently, they choose to remain in their comfort zone where they feel safe. This often becomes a pattern, and soon each year of their life looks just like the one before. Same, same, same, same. They exist in a xerox life of mediocrity and slow decline. Any change comes from the outside and is often unwelcomed and depressing. Change is perceived as a threat to the existing status quo.

Perhaps thoughts about change, comfort zones, and mistakes irritate you. Maybe you just want to be left alone. I can’t force you to face your mediocrity and fears, but I will offer a few questions that might raise the possibility of proactive change.

What steps would you take if you weren’t afraid of failure? What might you attempt if mistakes were ok? Do you really want to continue in a state of slow decline, and not fully engage with all that life has to offer?

Finally, are you open to exploring the possibility of breaking free from the familiar, and trying something new? If the answer is yes, I can help you. That’s what I do. I help people overcome their fears and lead them into a full participation of life and business. It includes lots of mistakes. The only ultimate failure is the failure to participate 100%.

Come join me and I will help you take some new steps. Let’s begin an adventure into some unfamiliar paths. I would love to walk with you as you learn, discover, take action, stumble, have a good laugh at yourself, and get up and go again. Life is too grand to waste.

Or just stay where you are.

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