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Looking for Happiness

People want to be happy. It then makes sense to ask the obvious question, “Where can you find happiness?”

Most believe they would be happy if their circumstances changed. The truth is that a change of circumstance will not create sustained happiness. Neither will more money, a healthy relationship, obedient children, courteous drivers, ice cream, a great job or a super boss. The belief that “I’d really be happy if _______” actually hinders the path to true happiness.

The belief that something “out there” needs to occur for you to be happy is a lie. Happiness is a state of mind. This mindset and associated feelings are within you right now, and available in this present moment. So if you have happiness within you, why are you not happy?

Your experience of happiness is obscured by contaminated thoughts and stories. To clear the muddle, you must understand the distinction between what is occurring (your current circumstance) and your evaluation of what is occurring. What you experience and feel is 100% a perception that is created by your story, your processing, your thoughts, your memory, and your judgement about what is occurring. It is your thought about the circumstance that produces the feeling of contentment, or happiness or frustration or disappointment, not the actual event.

Do you can see that other people and circumstances can’t make you happy or upset, but it is your thinking that creates your feelings? If you see it, then you are well on your way to experiencing true happiness. You won’t find happiness “out there”, you already have it within you. You just need to allow your cluttered thinking to settle and pass, and then happiness will emerge. Then, from a calm, clear state of mind, you can make better decisions and choices as you respond to life’s challenges and blessings. Great coaches help people find clarity in their circumstances so they can make better choices and produce better results. If you would like some help with that, e-mail me (

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