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Is Your Communication Clear?

Are you frustrated with people not following instructions? Is a lack of accountability an issue at your workplace? Are folks dropping the ball and not getting things done?

If you are having accountability issues, it would serve you well to evaluate your communication. The effectiveness of your communication is measured by one parameter; the response you get.

Effective communication is a message that is understood and executed. The communication process is not complete until it is clearly, unambiguously, understood, validated and carried out by the receiver.

Some leaders fear being too direct. They don’t want to be “bossy” and want to function more like a good friend. If that describes your style, and you get the results, quality, and efficiency from your team, no problem. However, what I typically find is that managers, in the name of kindness, don’t provide clear messages. Unclear is unkind. If something is important and required, then that is what must be clearly communicated. Clear communication is sometimes comfortable.

An effective team trusts one another and therefore communicates efficiently, directly and clearly. People are not afraid to challenge, disagree, ask questions, and seek true clarity and agreement.

Commitment, accountability, and results are the outcome of clear agreement. It is the leader’s responsibility to be sure that team members clearly understand, agree, and commit. Anything less is unclear communication that leads to underperformance and failure.

You can create accountability in your organization. It starts with you as the leader facilitating clear, direct communication in a context of trust. I help leaders sharpen the skill of clear, kind communication. If you are interested in some help, contact me

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