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Is Having a Stress-Free Environment Best?

It seems that many today believe that the ultimate quality of life is the enjoyment of a stress-free life. No problems, no challenges, no pain, no difficulty, no conflict, no bother, no frustration, no burden, no concern….you get the idea.

On the surface, it sounds appealing. The truth of the matter is that when you remove all resistance, restriction, challenge, and difficulty, people deteriorate. Physically, laying in bed, even for a day, causes a loss of muscle mass. Bones and joints do not fair well with no pressure. The lack of mental challenge causes a decrease of cognitive ability. Isolation from the challenges of social interaction lead to depression and apathy.

I share these thoughts with one purpose, to encourage you as you face the stresses of life. Stress and difficulty are gifts. Problems and challenges are invitations to rise, and change, and respond. Personal growth and development accelerate in the midst of pressure, challenge, and change. True spirituality is a fruit of humility. We don’t look to our Creator for help until we recognize our limitations and weakness and need for help. That recognition comes as we face challenges beyond our capacity.

If you are currently facing a difficult problem, I challenge you to take a closer look for hidden treasures. A sustainable quality of life comes from difficulty and even failure. When the battle is tough, winning is much sweeter. Blessings like contentment, peace, and satisfaction are learned. Sometimes those lessons are taught by harsh teachers!

When facing the challenges of life, your perspective and thoughts will drive your response. The battle is primarily between the ears. Guard your thoughts and your mind, for how you respond to stress determines whether it is an asset or liability.

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