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Investing in Your People

Stephen Covey in his classic, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, discusses the balance of production and production capacity, the P/PC balance. To increase production, you must increase production capacity. Your people must get better, which requires developing their skills, mindset, maturity, critical thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence, confidence, and leadership. These traits will develop on the job over time, but proactively investing in team development using a deliberate process will increase production capacity much quicker.

Many organizations place a low priority on the development of their people. That is counterproductive, because developing your team is the one investment that will bring the greatest return on investment.

Team training is often viewed as an expense. Leaders who embrace this mindset believe that spending time and money working on personal development, communication, team building, personal organization, and management skills takes people away from their real job, and therefore lowers productivity. However, if you consider a different approach and see team development as an investment and not an expense, you will be careful to choose training and coaching that provides a great ROI and pays for itself many times over.

Think about it. The weakest link in your business is likely people. Your best team members crave the opportunity to grow and improve. Skills like personal organization, conflict resolution and communication can be taught and learned. Sustainable, transformational training is a strategic process that occurs over time and addresses both the mindset and the skillset.

If you are interested in exploring what coaching and training might be best for your team, I would love to have that conversation. My e-mail is

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