Intention and Attention

Here are two words that sound alike. INTENTION and ATTENTION. When combined, they produce amazing results!

INTENTION: It’s your purpose. It’s what you affirm you want. It includes your goals and your aspirations. Intention comes from within you and is created. It doesn’t just happen by default, but it is something you choose to create.

ATTENTION: It’s your focus. It’s where you direct your presence, energy, and action. Attention happens outside. It is where you choose to be and what you choose to do every day.

What happens if you have no clear INTENTION?

If you have no INTENTION, then your ATTENTION is directed by the latest problem or circumstance. Without INTENTION, life is defined by drama, feelings, and overwhelm. You often feel like you are drowning in a sea of one thing after another. With no direction or purpose, you fight to survive as you are tossed about in a raging sea of other’s demands and problems, or you drown in a hot tub of comfort, boredom, and lethargy.

What if you have a clear INTENTION, but lack ATTENTION?

Life becomes a disappointment. Your life has dreams and wishes but no action. You say but you do not do. You INTEND to have that conversation. You INTEND to lose 20 pounds. You say that you want something, but you don’t go for it. INTENTION with no ATTENTION lacks integrity. Your talk might sound entertaining and interesting in the moment, but you produce no tangible value.

What does life look like with both INTENTION and ATTENTION?

This is when you know what you want and are clear about what you are going to do to get it. You have more than a dream, you have a project. You invest time and energy to get clear on what you really want, turn that INTENTION into a plan of action, and then invest your ATTENTION on executing the steps of that plan every day. You begin each day with a plan, which aligns your ATTENTION with your INTENTION.

Do you want to create an amazing result? First create a clear INTENTION. Make a plan to fulfill that INTENTION and direct your ATTENTION every day toward the execution of that plan.


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