Employee Problems

Here are four employee challenges and coaching responses for your consideration.

  • I feel like my employees are holding me hostage.

Do you feel like you must keep certain individuals, even though they fall short of what you really want? Do you tolerate mediocre performance and bad attitudes and avoid the discomfort of holding your team accountable? This is a recipe for poor customer service, increased company drama, and a mediocre business. You have what you tolerate.

  • It’s hard to find good people that want to work.

This paralyzing belief will keep you from having a great business. The truth: You have not yet learned how to effectively recruit and retain great team members. You attract and retain the employees you deserve. I encourage you to learn how to practice world class recruitment. The best people want to work for the best businesses with the best teams. Create a business that attracts the best people.

  • I can’t afford the best people.

Again, this victim mentality keeps you from having a great business. Replace this defeating thought with this empowering question: How can I recruit and retain the best people, and create a business that will provide excellent pay and benefits for the right people? There are amazing people out there that would help you build a business that would pay them (and you) a great wage. Quit looking for people to work for you and go out and offer opportunities for people to work with you to create an amazing business.

  • I don’t understand why there is so little respect and why employees have such a negative, whiny attitude.

Here’s why. The leader sets attitude and tone. Team culture is priority number one for the leader. The team culture reflects the leader’s attitude and values. Employees are a mirror. Are they cynical? Where are you cynical? Are they lazy? How are you lazy? Are they aggravated and irritated? What attitude do you display? If you will work on your own attitude first and then clearly define, articulate and demonstrate a great set of non-negotiable core values, then each team member will step up or step out. Your responsibility is to raise the bar as the standard, first by being the example, and then as providing accountability as the manager. Realize attitude is caught more than taught.

You can have a great team and a great business. It begins by taking full responsibility, accountability, and ownership for the results. Are you ready to transform yourself and your team? I’d love to help you.

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