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Employee Accountability

One common issue that arises in business is employee accountability. Many business owners and managers are frustrated and don’t know what to do to get their team to be fully engaged and responsible for their roles and duties.

First, the leader must take full responsibility to address this problem. Blaming your employees for their attitude and complaining that you just can’t find good people is a victim mentality that will leave you frustrated, grouchy, and ineffective. If you want this issue resolved, it is up to you to address it. Period.

Once you accept the fact that this is your problem to solve, you need to develop a process to move your team members from where they are to where you want them to be. Nagging, whining, threatening, ignoring, bribing, begging, and manipulating is not only ineffective, it destroys the company morale and culture. There is a better way. It is creating agreements with team members based on objective standards of measurement and performance.

In his entrepreneurial operating system, Gino Wickman states that each person’s role and responsibility must first be clearly defined by identifying and documenting the three to five primary responsibilities for their position. The evaluation of the employee is based on three simple questions referenced to those documented responsibilities:

  • Do they GET the job?

  • Do they WANT the job?

  • Do they have the CAPACITY to do the job?

Before you meet with your employee, answer each question yes or no and provide a justification for your answers. When you meet, have them do the same. Compare your responses and use that as a basis for a real conversation around those three questions. The accountability will immediately increase. They must understand that they must be willing and able to do their job for them to remain in that job.

A clear and open communication between you and the employee is the way to have an effective and kind accountability and a basis to help them grow and improve. The process will provide clear feedback for both of you and accelerate whatever change is needed to achieve the results.

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