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Dealing With Unruly Thoughts

Have you been around any unruly toddlers lately? As a granddaddy, most of my child rearing responsibility is over. When I get to see my grandchildren, I take the traditional role of letting them do a little more than their parents might allow, just for fun!

However, there are some little kids in your life that need a time out! In fact, you need to put some of those little rascals on trial! I’m talking about your thoughts. Most people allow thoughts to run rampant in their lives. Automatic, negative unproductive thoughts often rule the roost, unchallenged!

Your feelings are not caused by your circumstances or other people. Your spouse and the people at work don’t have the power to make you angry. It is the story in your head about them that makes you angry. The economy cannot ruin your life and your business, but what you think about the economy can wreak devastation in your life and business.

Your feelings are a response to the thought you have about your circumstances and other people. This, my friend, is a powerful truth that can set you free. As you learn to manage your thoughts, you manage your emotion, and as you manage your emotion, you manage your actions, attitude, and life.

To proactively change your life, you must learn to put your beliefs and story about your life on trial. You must take each thought you have about your situation and gently expose and clarify it through questions. Your current beliefs and thoughts may not be true. Is that thought you are thinking about yourself, your circumstances and others really true? What would your life be if you allowed that thought to disappear? How do you feel and react when you have that thought? How could you retrain that thought and turn it around?

What could change if you identified the thoughts that cause misery and confusion in your life, exposed them, and then replaced them with what is true? What if you put such thoughts in time out, and just dismissed them from your life?

There is nothing like the joy of a well-behaved child, and there is nothing like the peace that comes from thinking and believing what is empowering and true.

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