Are You Excited About Your Business?

When you look at your business, how do you feel? Do you feel energized, excited, and ready to jump in and have fun? Or do you feel drained, depressed, and wish you could pull the covers over your head and it would go away? Are you a “Thank God it is Monday” person, or “Thank God it is Friday” person?

Emotions are a great indicator of what is happening. If you have feelings of dread, anxiety, or depression, it is time to stop and really consider what is going on. For a business to be great, it needs energy. Energy comes from the team, and the team is a reflection of the owner. High energy optimistic owners produce high energy optimistic teams.

So if you feel tired and down about your business, I think it is time to consider a change; unless you want to be tired and depressed. The first step is to wake up and admit that you are in trouble, and are unhappy with your results, that it is time for a major change, and you have to create it! The next step is to ask what you really want. Don’t skimp with the answer. Picture, visualize, and idealize the business of your dreams – amazing employees, healthy profits, astounded loyal customers, consistent flow of work, organization, and running well. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t get there! Third, convert this wonderful dream into an action plan. That plan needs to include what resources, information, and help you will need to make it happen, as well as a schedule of implementation. You really just need clarity on the first steps and major milestones.

I will guarantee (based on years of coaching and life experience) that if you get a clear purpose and vision, and a practical plan of action, and then get up and get into action, your feelings of lethargy and depression will begin to melt away. You will be energized and optimistic, and actually start to enjoy life and business again.

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