Are You a Fountain or a Drain?

Are you most often a fountain, or a drain? Do people leave your presence refreshed, encouraged, uplifted, and inspired, or are they worn, discouraged, down, and tired? Fountains refresh, revive, and sustain. Drains remove, draw down, and suck the life out of people.

Word choice is important. Words like devastation, frustration, overwhelm, resentment, upset, and can’t bring people down. Drama, gossip, sarcasm, and victim language de-energize. On the contrary, words like gratitude, joy, appreciation, support, happy, excited, and amazing bring a life-giving spirit into the communication.

Your presence encourages and empowers or discourages and de-energizes. When you choose to be fully present and listen deeply, you demonstrate respect, and people feel it. When you express sincere curiosity and interest, it lifts a person’s spirit. However, when you judge and criticize, or ignore and dismiss another person, it has the opposite effect. Being a fountain is all about truly caring about others, and not just yourself.

Finally, there is nothing more powerful than a simple act of kindness. Even the smallest consideration can have an amazing effect on someone.

You will be a either a fountain or a drain today. It is your choice. You will bring life, or death, to those around you. Your words will influence their thoughts, and that will affect their emotion and energy. I encourage to embrace this responsibility today, and choose to make a positive difference in someone’s life. Bring a sip of water to a thirsty soul! Giving is the greatest joy!

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