A Note to Those Who Are Successful

So you have achieved a degree of success and would say you have a good life.

It feels great to have a good life. The hard work and dedication that results in achievement and reward is truly one of life’s satisfactions. In no way do I want damper the enjoyment of your success. I celebrate your blessing with you!

However, I do have an interesting question for you. What next?

I want to offer you an answer to that question. Significance.

How could you take the success that you have, and create significance?

A move from success to significance is uncomfortable. It typically involves risk. It usually holds the possibility of mistakes and failure. It is choosing to move from the good that you have achieved to something greater. Is it worth it?

For me, status quo is the enemy. “What’s next?” is the entrepreneur’s song. “What could you do?” is the question that creates new possibility. Who could you serve? What difference could you make? What legacy could you create? Who could you help?

And how much joy will you experience discovering what is possible? Do you want some help?

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