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16 Myths That Are Holding Your Business Back

MYTH #1: If I work harder, then I will succeed.

The truth is many hard working people fail. You need to work ON the business, not just IN the business.

MYTH #2: I have to be a rugged individualist and stand on my own to succeed.

The truth is that successful people get help from others. You need to humble yourself and ask for help.

MYTH #3: If I just had more time, then I could be successful.

The truth is that everyone has the same amount of time. You need to set clear priorities and take action.

MYTH #4: I don’t need to understand my numbers as long as I have a good accountant.

The truth is your accountant can’t play the game for you. You need to know the score to play the game well.

MYTH #5: I have to be tightfisted to succeed.

The truth is that giving creates more. You need to have an open hand if you want abundance.

MYTH #6: I need to borrow more money to get to the next level.

The truth is that increasing debt holds you back. You need to creatively use what you have to move forward.

MYTH #7: All customers want the lowest price.

The truth is great customers want value and will pay more for it. You need to create customer astonishment.

MYTH #8: Setting goals is stressful.

The truth is that goal setting can be fun and effective. You need to create goals that serve you.

MYTH #9: It is hard to find good employees and keep them happy.

The truth is that great employees work for great businesses. You need to create a great business that attracts the best team.

MYTH #10: I need to expect my employees to follow the rules.

The truth is expectations are the problem. You need to drop expectations and create team agreements.

MYTH #11: Employees will take advantage of me if I don’t run a tight ship.

The truth is that team members with integrity can be trusted in any situation. You need to create a great team.

MYTH #12: Advertising is a waste of money.

The truth is that effective marketing will make you rich. You need to strategically market your business.

MYTH #13: I just need to get my name out to be successful.

The truth is that you need to get customers in, not your name out. You need to attract the best customers.

MYTH #14: Sales systems and scripts turn customers off and push them away.

The truth is that a trained salesperson using a great system is attractive and makes people feel they are being served by a professional.

MYTH #15: It is impossible to succeed in this economy.

The truth is there are many people succeeding in this economy. You need to change your thinking to thrive in this economy.

MYTH #16: What I need is more information to succeed.

The truth is there is too much information. You need to act with the information you have and evaluate the results.

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