Your Energy and Optimism

If you want to improve your effect on other people, this message is for you. Rested, cheerful, high energy people typically have a greater positive influence.

Think about the individuals who inspire you. What type of person typically lifts your spirit and encourages you to press on? It is the person who smiles, and looks for answers, not just problems.

This is not a suggestion to become silly, goofy, and unrealistic. Rather, if you desire to have a positive influence on others, then you must take responsibility to practice the habits that support energy and optimism.

  • Sleep. Numerous studies show that for most people, eight hours per night is best.

  • Move. The human body was designed to be in motion. A lack of physical movement (sitting and laying around) drains energy.

  • Eat. For you to feel good, you must take in healthy food. That takes focus and education. If you go with the typical American diet, you will likely have many physical problems and lack health and vitality.

  • Thought. Picture your house if you went weeks without removing garbage and waste. It would stink!! It is the same with our thoughts. Effective leaders regularly examine their thoughts and take out the head trash. A clear and calm mind is a foundation for effective leadership and service to others.

Energy and optimism are essential for being a positive influence in other’s lives, and effective leaders take responsibility for their physical and mental well-being.

  • Action. What action will you take TODAY to improve?

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