Your Creative Mind - Friend or Foe?

You have a powerhouse between your ears, your brain. You can imagine, plan, dream, hope, remember, visualize, and ponder. A focused mind is a powerful resource. It is like a wild horse that must be tamed to be useful. If you will learn to harness its power, it can work for you and not against you.

Worry. It is a form of fear. False Expectation Appearing Real. It is stressing over situations mostly out of your control. Worries are generated by the creative mind. They are not real. But they feel real. Your creative mind produces stories and outcomes according to your habitual way of thinking. Some believe they are born worriers. The fact is that they have created a habit of expecting the worst. The worrier believes worry is beneficial and an expression of care. The truth is that worry is destructive and benefits no one. It is a misuse of the imagination.

Wishing, hoping, dreaming. At first glance, these appear to be a great use of the creative mind. I disagree. People who link their happiness to some unattained future outcome are discontent, disappointed, discouraged, and downcast. The mind can create fables that produce longings, desires, and disappointment. The story is fake, but the result is real. When you defer your happiness to the future, life feels difficult, stressful, and full of heartache. This “I’ll be happy when” thinking distracts you from the joy of engaging with today’s challenges.

How about today. Not tomorrow, and not yesterday. Today is real. Rescue your mind from future desires and past worries and bring it into the present. Allow it to settle. Take a breath. Slow down. Calm yourself. Stretch. Now, consider a few simple questions to open your creative mind to the possibility of today.

What good thing will you start and finish today? What joy might you discover, embrace, and experience? What value can you bring to someone? What wonderful experience could you have? What action will move you forward? What could you read today that would inspire you? Where might you make a difference? What will you choose to do, and who will you be today that will be amazing?

Simple inquiry removes the clutter of the past and evaporates the fog of the future so you can see clearly to act. That is the best use of the creative mind.

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