You Can Have Whatever You Want

As the granddaddy of all granddaddies, I enjoy listening and watching my grandchildren relate to life. One particular day, I was a bit bored, and decided to have some fun. My grandson Darren was seven years old at the time, and his sister Aubrey was five. I got their mother’s permission and then let them know we were going to make an exciting outing to Wal-Mart where they could both pick out something for themselves.

As we entered the store, I told them there was only one rule; “You can have whatever you want”. This was a strange rule. It was not their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion. As we strolled down the toy aisle, it was interesting to observe them trying to figure out what they wanted and the price limitations. Darren even started to bargain with me a little bit, trying to see if I would go with one “big” toy vs. two smaller toys. When he asked me if it was ok to get something, or trade something in, all I said was is that he could have whatever he wanted. They both ended up choosing a couple of items and were really challenged deciding what to take and what to leave behind. We all left the store happy and grateful. I did have the additional burden (ha!!!) of making Play Dough ice cream treats with Aubrey for the rest of the afternoon. What was most interesting to me is that I was prepared to basically get them whatever they wanted, but they self-limited their choices to just a couple of items.

So here is a thought for you: When you are planning your future, why do you limit your choices? At what point in your childhood did you begin to limit your possibilities and choices? When did you develop a concept of worthiness, and where does that come from? What might happen if you started to ask for more, and pursued bigger and better; more business, better employees, extraordinary customers? What limits your belief about what is “appropriate” and possible? When is too much too much?

Let me offer you some new thinking. If you are clear on your purpose and values, having an abundance in all of life (social, spiritual, financial, health, personal peace, relationships) becomes a joyful way to be a blessing and help to many people. I think we all have developed negative false ideas around having more that what we need. When you have more that you need, your true values are made evident based on what you do with the excess. How much do you really “need”? Likely much less than what you currently have.

Frankly, I don’t buy your story about “I have what I need and don’t need any more”. The truth is you don’t really “need” what you have now! A better question is what could you do for others if you had more? Truthfully, what else could you do for others right now with what you currently have?

I challenge you to go and choose whatever you want. Do it with an attitude of excitement, abundance and intention to be a huge blessing to others. Become a conduit of much, not a hoarder of little. Open yourself to receive an abundance, meet your needs and a few wants, and then really have fun and enjoy giving the rest away!

If you will begin to plan, think and live like that, you will be choosing not only have more, but be more, because the greatest joy in life is in being full of gratitude, generosity and giving.

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