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What About My Dreams, Hopes, and Wishes?

“I wish I had $ 1,000,000. Someday I hope that I can….. My dream is that one day I’ll…..”

Wishes, dreams, and hopes. They are the substance of Disney movies, childhood fables, and very entertaining musical comedies. “Someday my prince will come….” “A dream is a wish your heart makes….” “When you wish upon a star….” “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you….”

All of this wish and dream philosophy is programmed into us from childhood. The anticipation that something better is on the way, or that a hero will soon appear and make all of my dreams come true, makes many a person feel good (much like a recreational drug). Stargazing, bedposts, rainbows, and unicorns…sugar plum fairies dancing in my head! Winning the lottery! Ed McMahon on my doorstep! Santa Clause, elves, the Easter bunny, leprechauns, and the infamous genie granting me my three wishes. I remember when I was four years old and the tooth fairy left me some quarters and pixie dust (glitter). I almost broke my leg jumping off the bed trying to fly after sprinkling magic dust in my hair!!!

Now I don’t want to be a soggy old wet blanket that dampens the excitement, giggles, and giddiness of childhood fantasy! I AM the self-proclaimed granddaddy of all granddaddies, and appreciate the wonder of happy birthdays, fireworks, trick-or-treat sugar overload, holiday parties with hot cider, candy apples, chocolate cake and just good old make-believe fun!!!

However, with that said, you must understand that there is a downside to all of this fantasy programming. Grown up people begin to BELIEVE that if they wish hard enough, affirm loud and long enough, and hope with a big enough vibration to harmonize with “the universe”, that all they hope for will magically appear. And that my friends, is a delusional perversion and misuse of childhood imagination.

Now before you throw away your hopes, dreams, and wishes in a fit of depression, I would like to offer you a powerful, realistic alternative to wishing and dreaming. Why don’t we make these dreams come true? (That only is if you REALLY want them). Let’s convert this wispy delusional airy fairy new age hot air into a beautiful vision adorned with clearly defined goals. With such clarity, you can go to WORK and create amazing outcomes. Why waste precious time in the disappointment of merely hoping and wishing? You may only see a first small step to take, but the transformational magic happens when you take that first step and get started. Your dream is immediately transformed into a work in progress. Taking action turns a dream into reality. And there is so much more!! The journey toward the ultimate outcome often includes challenge, setback, mistakes, perseverance, pain, creativity, and host of other side benefits and bonus lessons that you never even imagined! You get so much more than you ever expected!

So blow the dust of one of those moldy, worn out dreams, and transform it today into a work in progress. The creative magic happens when you take action. It‘s a miracle!!!

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