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The Transformational Practice of Weekly Planning

People often ask me to recommend a time management system, and I typically share some familiar options. I am curious about why they are asking, and also offer some of my time to dig a little deeper. If they agree to a conversation, I can often help them address their so-called time management issue without reading a 300-page book or investing in an expensive new computer program.

The key is establishing a habit of the daily completion of a few true priorities. That's it! Please consider it again, creating a habit of committing and completing few true priorities every day. Think about it. If each and every day you complete the two or three tasks that move you toward your life goals and purpose, you will experience a successful and satisfying life one day at a time.

I realize that you likely have more than just two or three tasks to complete each day. However, if you commit and focus on the two or three most important tasks, the other activities and responsibilities will fill in around your top priorities.

So that brings me to the practice that will make this happen. At the same time at the beginning of every week, sit down with your calendar, and choose the two or three priority actions for each day of that week. Write them on the calendar as commitments, meaning that they will absolutely be completed. These are commitments, not mere intentions. This simple practice is transformational.

What two most important actions can you choose for today that will move you toward your life goals and purpose? Clarify them, commit, and get them done. It is that simple, and it will transform your life!

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