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The Prison of Personality

“That’s just how I am. It’s my personality.” I’ve heard this excuse from many people. I have uttered myself. It usually follows a challenge to move forward or go to work on defeating a problem or replacing an ineffective practice or habit. Procrastinator, short fuse, not a morning person, laid back, ADD, depression, worrier, shy, not a risk taker, a realist vs. an optimist, tired, sick, down, upset, not a people person, nervous, sensitive, lazy, swamped, overwhelmed, too young, too old……..the list goes on and on and on and on.

One of my coaches says it this way. There are only two things that matter in life, REASONS and RESULTS….and REASONS don’t count!!!

This all may sound a bit extreme. Well choosing to be a gold Olympian is an extreme commitment. Mediocre and average by definition are the majority. If you are going to go for great success in business and life, then you will be going to extremes. You will be different and apart from most.

It comes down to what you are willing to tolerate. It is when good is not good enough, and excellence is no longer just a nice idea, but a commitment.

Here is the bottom line choice. Do you want to hold on to the security blanket of your story and your personality, or do you want to create a new life each and every day? Are you ready to break free from your self-created prison of personality? Are you willing to quit deceiving yourself with the lie that you can never rise above your past, and then create a new past?

Today, consider that what you think is keeping you from pursuing and attaining your goals is just a story that you have made up. Begin writing a new story…today. Identify what you want, see it clearly in your mind’s eye, work out the plan to achieve it, and then take the first step…NOW! It is that simple! But what is easy to do is also easy not to do. It is your choice. Step out of the prison of your story, and start living in a daily re-created world of excitement and adventure. Choose to be the person you want to be so you can do what you want to do that will bring you what you want to have! Why not? You are free as soon as you accept it.

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