The Power of Restriction

To retrict is to limit or confine.

Picture a locomotive engine sitting on the ground in the middle of a cornfield. Open. Free. No restriction. And useless. Take that same locomotive and limit it to a set of steel tracks, and the amazing power of the engine is unleashed by restriction.

Pour a gallon of water on the sidewalk. It freely flows, disperses and evaporates. Now take that same gallon of water and restrict it by forcing it through a tiny orifice under high pressure. That same water will cut through the concrete. The power of restriction.

I help people be the best they can be by finding and releasing their potential. It is a simple process, but not easy! We must leverage strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to create desired outcomes. Leverage is the principle of getting more from less. This is where restriction is key.

Once strengths and weaknesses are assessed along with current opportunities, you must discipline yourself to restrict your activity and focus. This means saying NO to many good things and choosing the best. Less is more.

Here are some interesting questions. What boundaries or restrictions could you impose that would unleash your fullest potential? What are you holding on to that is diluting your strength and holding you back? Are you willing to say YES to the best by saying NO to the mundane? Will you make a “NOT TO DO” list and obey it? Restriction is powerful.

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