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The Power of Pursuing the Impossible

It’s another one of those ideas that sound kind of ridiculous. Pursue the impossible? What a silly idea! Set a goal or intention to do something that you know you can’t achieve. Is that sensible, or even sane!

The truth is that pursuing the impossible is an amazing and profound idea and practice. I am studying a book by Tracy Goss called “The Last Word On Power, Executive Re-Invention for Leaders Who Must Make the Impossible Happen”. It has been eye-opening and inspirational. The premise of the book is that we all have a “winning strategy” that we live by and has brought us a level of success. The problem is that winning strategy also limits our achievement of higher success by defining what is possible and impossible.

When I declare a pursuit of an impossible outcome, then I must reinvent my whole paradigm and belief system to pursue it. I must venture beyond my current comfort zone where I have always created success. I am now on a pursuit of likely failure. This frees me to take risk. I must create and become a new person.

This approach to personal transformation is challenging and enlivening. It causes me to identify how I have compensated using current self-imposed limitations rooted in my current winning strategy. The book provides seven disciplines that help identify and drop that strategy and create a new reality drawing from future declarations and not from past failures and successes.

The bottom line is this: When you identify something impossible and then go for it, you must re-invent yourself and create a new inner stance to pursue it.

What would you like to pursue that is currently impossible, and what winning strategy and personality must you re-invent to pursue it?

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