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The Gift of Today

If you are reading this right now, you have been given the same gift that I have been given, the gift of today. Life. You are unique. There is no one just like you. Because you are a unique person, you have unique gifts as well as the gift of today.

How does that make you feel? Is there a sense of responsibility? Do you believe it matters what you do with your gift of today, and your other unique gifts?

There is yet another gift that you possess, the gift of giving. You can use your gift of today, combined with your other unique gifts, to give to someone else. The interesting thing about the gift of giving is that when you use it, everything good multiplies.

Love opens and gives. Fear retracts and clutches.

A smile. A kind word of thanks. An encouragement. An act of mercy. A note. A call.

You, my friend, have no guarantee of life tomorrow. What you do have is a beautiful precious gift called today. I encourage you to unwrap it and use it by giving a bit of yourself to someone else. If you will use your unique gifts to help someone today, you will find yet another wonderful gift, the gift of joy.

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