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The Formula for Change

Change. We all know it happens. Sometimes we love it. Other times we dread it. But the only thing that really never changes is the fact that………..everything changes!

You might as well choose to understand change and make it work for you. I learned this formula years ago as an Action Coach, and it has been a great concept to help people change.

(D x V) + FS > R

R stands for Resistance …. the resistance to change. It’s human. People like their comfort zone and familiarity. Resistance to change is default. So if you are going to choose to change, you must overcome that resistance. Everything on the left side of the formula has to exceed the resistance to change for change to occur.

D stands for Dissatisfaction…For you to initiate change, you must first have some degree of dissatisfaction in your current circumstance. People move away from pain. Pain is a gift that provides discomfort and fuels your desire to get moving.

V stands for Vision….A clear picture of a destination. For you to embrace and practice change, you must have a better place to go. If you can envision that better place, and picture that superior destination, you will be more likely to start the journey.

It takes dissatisfaction and vision to overcome the resistance to change. Dissatisfaction alone just creates misery.

FS stands for First Steps….Once you have enough dissatisfaction and a clear vision of a better place to go, then all you need to change is the first step. Taking the first step, no matter how small, breaks the inertia of procrastination and sloth.

So what do you want to change about your results, your business, or your life? Consider where you are dissatisfied, and where you will likely end up if you refuse to change. Also envision the possibilities of where you might go if you do choose to change. Finally, create a clear first step (even if tiny) to move you toward that vision, and take it.

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