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Rainy Days and Mondays Can Never Get You Down

How do you feel when it rains? There was a popular song in the 70s sung by Karen Carpenter entitled “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down”. Is it true that a particular day of the week or precipitation falling from the sky can cause depression and the blues?

For sure, some people dread a rainy day, but others enjoy a gentle drizzle on a quiet overcast day and find it relaxing. Monday morning for many represents the beginning of another week of tedious, boring work. On the other hand, others like me find Monday to be a favorite day of the week.

Carefully consider these facts. Rainy days and Mondays can never bring you or anyone else down. No one can make you angry, and you can’t make other people happy. Winning the lottery does not create excitement, and snakes and spiders never cause fear and anxiety.

It is the THOUGHT about rainy days and Mondays that brings you down, or makes you feel great. It is what you think about what someone did or said that causes anger. Excitement comes from what a lottery winner THINKS about winning lots of cash and having lots of money, and it is what you THINK about spiders and snakes that causes anxiety and panic.

Thinking is a mental processing of circumstances that results in perception. Perception is created by the mind and expressed in words. Your perception is your story and belief about your circumstances. Your thoughts and perceptions drive your emotions and behaviors that create your results. I hope you are grasping the power of thought.

Because thinking is learned and habitual, it can be changed. Coaching is all about identifying and breaking perceptions and existing dysfunctional beliefs, and then creating new perceptions that will drive improved behavior and better outcomes.

If you are you ready to challenge your perceptions and create a new context for a better future, e-mail me at, and we’ll schedule a conversation to explore possibilities.

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