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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

What happens to you and what happens around you is largely out of your control. You do have a degree of influence based on the choices you make and the actions you take. But think carefully about the truth that you didn’t choose your birth, and likely will not choose your death. Everything in between is a series of events that you influence, but don’t control.

Events that occur that you wouldn’t choose you label as problems. Difficulties, troubles, dilemmas and obstacles. Though you can’t eliminate your problems, you do have the capacity to choose your response. Based on your response, a problem can help you or harm you. If you choose to view your problem as a challenge to be addressed, then that problem becomes a game to win. The new question is, “Given this current challenge, how do I win?” Instead of expending focus and energy wishing that you didn’t have the problem, you can direct that attention and energy to solving the problem. You move from worry and anxiety to focused effort and personal growth when you reframe the problem as a challenge. Challenges call on us to get better, to step up, to go for it.

A great opportunity in problems is to view them as challenges to grow. What’s encouraging is that you can always grow though a problem even if you don’t achieve the desired circumstantial outcome. The personal growth and change is always an opportunity, regardless of the circumstances.

One final thought. The most valuable insight that I have received from my problems is this; There is One who is ultimately control. He is the great God and Creator of the universe. He is merciful and kind and will help us deal with our problems in a way that will bring us good and bring Him glory. Your problems are a call to come to Him and ask for help. When problems humble us and bring us to Him, then the real opportunities to change begin to unfold.

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