Proactivity - Living Life Inside-Out

People engage my services because they want change. They typically want a change in their cash flow, a change in their customers, a change in their employees, or a change In their discretionary time. The good news is that all of this is possible. The interesting news is you really can’t directly change any of those things. To affect sustainable change, you must accept the fact that you can really only change yourself. When you change, you become more effective in influencing your environment. It is an inside-out process.

Life comes at all of us at a rapid pace. We are bombarded with messages, people issues, and business and life challenges, daily. The key to winning the game is learning to stop…….think……..and then choose your response based on your values instead of reacting out of mere habit or emotion. So you have decided you want to change. The first and most difficult step is to stop all of the stuff you are currently doing! Realize that you don’t really “have” to do anything. Stop the excuses and blame and take back the ownership of your life and choices. Get out of denial and take full accountability and responsibility for your life, business, and choices.

Dealing effectively with the past and the future is another key to being proactive. Learn from the victories and the mistakes of your past, but don’t allow them to be your story going forward. Create a new and fresh story every day! The past is over. You cannot re-live it. Fully engage in the present. The future is like the past. You can’t live tomorrow today. Anxious thoughts and worries about future “what ifs” only drain your energy and spirit. Plan optimistically and envision great future outcomes, and then take action in the present, fully engaged.

Here are a few practical suggestions on how to become more proactive. Begin each day with a clear routine. Use your early morning time to think through priorities and choices for the day. Write down and commit to a few specific, non-urgent actions that will move you toward your long-term values and goals. Renew yourself physical exercise, a healthy breakfast, and be thankful and reflect on your blessings. Start the day with a full tank, ready to go! Jim Rohn, business philosopher, stated it this way “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job”.

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