People Issues

People, people, people. “My business would be great except for the employees and the customers!” I agree that working effectively with people and building a winning team is challenging. It is the aspect of organizations that typically causes the most frustration and stress.

My response to leaders and managers that express this frustration comes from business philosopher Jim Rohn; “Don’t wish that life was easier, wish that you were better.” To address this challenge, the person that you can and must change is you. When you become a better leader, and create a better organization, you will attract and retain the best people.

People function well when they have clear direction, strong leadership, and a good system. The opposite is also true. Without good leadership and clear systems, people are a mess. Certainly, recruiting the right people for your organization is an important key to addressing people issues. But the best people are attracted to and stay with the best leaders and organizations. Let that sink in. Why would the best people choose to join your team?

Another essential key to addressing people issues is to clearly define roles, values, and agreements. If team members clearly understand their key responsibilities and are held accountable, responsible people will stay, and irresponsible people will leave.

Finally, the leader must also model, clarify and embrace organizational core values which are the non-negotiable attitudes and character traits for every team member. I recognize that there is a current challenge finding good people that are willing to work. I also see a clear opportunity in this challenge, to create a strong attractive culture that will attract the best people. Great people want to be a part of an organization that has a clear mission and also holds tenaciously to that purpose and core values.

If you want to start to address your people issues, begin by answering these 3 questions:

#1. What are your non-negotiable core values?

#2. What are you currently tolerating in your team that is unacceptable?

#3. Where have you given in and given up, and are you willing to change direction?

Your honest consideration of these questions will help you wake up and begin to effectively address your people issues.

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