Let Things Go or Take Positive Action?

If you just let things go, here’s what occurs. Hot things cool. Fast things slow down. Order becomes disorder. Children become monsters. Muscles sag. Waist lines expand. Energy drains. Things go downhill. Teeth rot. Houses fall apart. Cell phones die. Thinking fogs. Problems grow. Relationships drift. Business wanes. Sales drop. Decay sets in. Break down. Flab. Confusion.

It’s your choice. Are you going to let things take their natural course, or are you going to act? Positive change is simple but not always easy. It is a commitment to replace the harmful with the helpful. It is choosing what you want, clarifying what you must do to get it, and then doing it.

Think about this: A few positive consistent actions will result in a fundamental positive effect in your life. You can replace bad habits with intentional good habits or choose to do nothing which results in equilibrium, status quo, mediocrity, and eventual decay.

However, if you take positive action, here is what happens. Cool things heat up. Cashflow increases. Things start moving. Disorder becomes order. Children become sweeter. Muscles firm. Waist lines slim. Energy is created. Beautiful smiles. Beautiful homes. Cell phones work. Thinking is clarified. Problems become opportunities. Relationships are strengthened. Business improves. Sales increase. Edification. Encouragement. Peace. Accomplishment. Improvement.

What will you choose?

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