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How You Do One Thing is How You Do Everything

Physical health and fitness. Maintenance of your automobile and house. Organization of your office and desk. Consistent learning and reading. Making value-based choices. Paying your taxes on time. Meeting regularly with your team members. Regular savings. Sending thank you notes. Scheduled date nights with your spouse. Personal learning and education. Quality conversations with your children.

I am not trying to create a guilt trip! When you beat yourself up, all you get are scrapes and bruises. What I am illustrating is that all of life’s issues and activities are related. When you improve one, all the others tend to get better. When you neglect one, the others suffer as well. It is just a fact. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Coaching is all about improvement and excellence. I work with people who want to create a great life and business. I get the question, “Dave, are you a life coach, or a business coach?” I just smile and say “yes”. The most efficient and effective way to improve your business is to improve you.

Physical health is certainly one of those priorities. Folks with multiple roles and responsibilities often neglect this foundation. You know where I am going. Consistent physical activity, sufficient rest and sleep, a nutritional balanced diet, choosing a healthy mental outlook and attitude and addressing negative emotions like worry, anger, and resentment; all of this keeps your body renewed and ready to serve. Healthy people who feel good perform better. People who perform well feel better.

Relationships. Your relationship to our Creator is priority number one. How are you seeking to get to know God? Your family is so important. Think about that coming day when you will leave this life. What will matter? Relationships are likely at the top of the list.

Your financial health likely mirrors your relationships and physical well being. Budgeting and saving are much like dieting and exercise! A great, profitable business is created and led by a great leader. Great leaders are people of integrity. How they do one thing is how they do everything! What you see is what you get! They also are abundant givers as well. As a result, they attract and retain a great team, and have a great business that prospers.

So grab a coffee, or a tea, or a glass of ice water, and invest some time considering all the roles you play, and the responsibilities you carry, and notice how they all mirror one another. Then choose a neglected area and make some changes. It will not only improve that one area but benefit all your life. You will feel better, think better, act better, and be better.

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