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How to Be an Inspiration

I help leaders create extraordinary results. That is my purpose statement as a coach.

What must leaders do, and more importantly, who must they be to create extraordinary results? Effective leaders create extraordinary results through others. If you aspire to be an effective leader, you must ask this question: “How can I be an inspiration to other people?”

To help answer that question, answer these questions. Who inspires you? Who are your heroes? What individuals have helped you and encouraged you to be better, work harder, dig deeper, and persevere? Picture each of them in your mind. What is it about each person that inspires you? Here are three characteristics of people who inspire me.

First, they are authentic. Though they have accomplished notable things, they openly discussed their struggles and challenges as well as their triumphs. They are not bigger than life, but very present and approachable.

Second, they are sincerely interested in me. Inspirational people are touched and inspired by other’s dreams, other’s feelings, other’s plans, other’s success, other’s challenges– they really want to know other people. When others speak, they listen with curiosity and take it all in. Life is not just about them.

Third, they are congruent. They live the changes that they inspire. They are the example of success, of diligence, perseverance, kindness, passion, leadership, and humility. Their attitudes and actions are the inspiration. When I observe the way they treat their spouse, and their employee, and their grandchild, and their customer, it causes me to want to be like them!

Do you want to inspire others? Determine to be the best you you can be. Work harder on yourself than you do on changing other people. Be authentic. Be interested. Be congruent. You will then begin to have the joy of influencing others through inspiration.

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