How Do People Feel When They Have Been With You?

Great leaders ask great questions, and I have been asked this one by a great coach of mine, and now I am asking you, “How do people feel when they have been with you?”

Do they feel encouraged, or discouraged? Do they feel better, or worse? More optimistic, or pessimistic? Are they a bit lighter, or heavier? Stressed, or relieved? Inspired, or expired?

Though you can’t make another person happy or sad, you certainly do influence other people. Influence is just another word for leading. Do people walk away from time with you with clarity, or confusion? Overwhelmed, or underwhelmed? Motivated, or de-motivated? With hope, or hopeless?

How you show up affects others. You can brighten a person’s day or bring in the clouds. What is the effect of someone being with you? It is a great question to consider. If you are really bold, you may ask some folks that regularly are with you, “How do you feel after you’ve been with me?”

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