Hard Work - A Blessing or a Curse?

If you are a business owner or organizational leader, you have likely uttered these words; “It’s hard to find anyone who really wants to work”. Dare I use the old-fashioned term, lazy?

It seems we live in a time that many people really work hard avoiding work! They make it their passion and pursuit in life to work as little as possible! Most of these folks don’t seem fulfilled, happy, or enjoying their sloth, and they suffer the painful fruit of their laziness.

I am convinced that as human beings, we are designed to work, and when we do, good things happen. Again, if you are a business leader, the challenge is to teach, coach, and transfer the value of hard work to your team. It is shifting the mindset to understand that hard work is a blessing, not a curse. Working hard and achieving goals is satisfying. Creating results and beautiful outcomes bring a deep joy that you will never gain from inactivity and entitlement.

The best medicine for a depressed person is exercise, movement, and work. We were created to move, to live, and to produce. It is sad to see people fall into the belief that the ultimate satisfaction in life is in leisure and luxurious inactivity. The true joy of a vacation is that it is something different, a rest from the norm which is hard work. It certainly is important to rest, unwind, and recharge. But the purpose for our resting on the bench is to renew so that we can get back into the game.

At a basic level, everyone desires to be useful. Each person is endowed with a unique combination of gifts and abilities. It is within us to create, to form, to make, to grow, to win, to increase, and to make a difference. As a leader, you must work hard to find how you can inspire that place within the human soul.

I challenge you to encourage and coach your team to celebrate success, accomplishment, hard work, and effort. Display a scoreboard in your place of business. Acknowledge hard work. What you feed grows. What you give attention to increases. You, as the leader, must model hard work as well, serving your team and customers so that your team is inspired to serve your customers just like you.

Work is a blessing, and not a curse. If you want to create a team that embraces a culture of joyful hard work, I would love the opportunity to come and work hard with you and your team and achieve that goal. Happy Monday. It’s the beginning of another week of work.

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